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Symptoms of Selenium deficiency and how to avoid it:

The health benefits of selenium: The immune system is needed for this metal because the lack of the metal causes irritation and protect the body from the risk of cancer tumors and rheumatoid arthritis where the Journal of Biomedical and Environmental Sciences published that the treatment of selenium supplements reduce the risk There is a need for the formation of selenium to produce glutathione that protects the body from oxidative damage. Selenium contains a number of antioxidants that fight free radicals that can cause damage to the cell membrane and DNA and cause premature aging and skin damage.

Causes of Selenium Deficiency: Although the metal can be obtained from a number of sources such as meat, seafood and plant foods, but the soil content of these foods plays a large role in the amount of selenium, we find that low fertility soil lacks the metal in its own nutrients So a huge population suffers from a shortage of selenium.

Symptoms of Selenium Deficiency: There are a number of signs that doctors warn of when they are infected, threatening your health, including weakness of the immune system, such as feelings of weakness and delirium, because selenium is an important mineral that enhances the health of the immune system. Also, white nails, hair loss, discoloration, The difficulty of concentration, which causes severe bouts of depression with thyroid deficiency due to the lack of production of hormones sufficient for thyroid activity, causing rapid weight gain and infertility The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology published that the number of cases of infertility caused by the lack of metal selenium causes the killing of sperm And also a number of other symptoms such as mental retardation, heart disease, cancer, damage and muscle atrophy, weakness and recurrence of influenza and is a major factor in weakness and myocardial infarction and a main cause of deterioration of cartilage between the joints.

High-selenium foods: refined foods, processed fats, or prepared foods destroy selenium levels. The unique metal can be obtained through broccoli, chicken, beef, eggs, brown rice, sunflower oil, sesame seeds, spinach, asparagus and tuna Salmon, sardines, oysters, shrimps and whole wheat), but when ingested high levels of selenium are also toxic, the metal reacts with a number of medicines. The minimum consumption for adults over 19 is 55 grams, pregnant women 60 grams, Natural 70 grams.